ISTC Workshop - 20th June 2015 - Prerequisites


Install JDK. Installation instructions can be found here:

Install MavenInstallation instructions can be found here:

Install EclipseYou can get it from:


Install Git: Create a free account on

Install Jenkins. Use native package from: (in the right column)

ISTC Workshop - 20th June 2015

Event cover

In this event we will take a more in depth look on Selenium: how it integrates with Serenity framework, what page object model is, how to create and build a Maven project, how to write tests to generate pretty reports and some other cool stuff that you will find out about on the event day.
About 'Enjoy your work in a healthy mode' will come back with more details, so stay tuned.

The event will take place on June 20th, at Hotel Ramada, New York Hall. The activities will begin at 09:00 so make sure to be there in time :)

Due to the limited number of seats available, if you wish to participate, please access this form and fill in the required data.

Following your online subscription, you will receive a confirmation message and in the shortest time more details about the selection process and other event details.

The registration period is until June 18. The selection of participants will take place on June 19, 2015 when we will also contact all selected participants for a firm attendance confirmation. Please note that if you do not confirm participation, we will forward the available opening to the next qualifying candidate.

Thank you for your interest in the Iasi Testing Community events!


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Pre-requisites: SoapUI Integration with multiple tools


1.    1.  Install JDK : Installation instructions can be found here:


2.     2.   Install Maven (binary zip archive for Windows): Installation instructions can be found here :


3.       3Install Eclipse :


After installing Java and Maven, you should have the following system variables: JAVA_HOME / M2 / M2_HOME and optionally, if some errors appear during installation, you can also create MAVEN_OPTS.


!!! Note: Please also configure the Path system variable in order to contain the path to Maven bin folder, otherwise it won’t work.

!!! Open cmd and try: java –version and mvn –version. If they are correctly installed, you should see the following:


1.     4.  Install Junit :


2.     5. Install TestNG : From Eclipse – go to Help – Install New Software 


1.      6Add the Selenium libraries to your project :


Eclipse – Create a new Java project – Right click on the project – Build Path – Configure Build Path – Add Selenium libraries




1.       7Install SoapUI :



!!! We will be using SoapUI Pro during the workshop, although it won’t affect the practical exercises. However, if you want the Pro version as well, navigate to : - Add your details then change the existing key with the new soapui.key sent via e-mail in the following location:




1.    8.   Optional – install Jenkins :