ISTC Second Edition - A Personal View

by Brandusa Gamaniata

It was another warm and sunny morning. Leaves were dancing into the air like little children all joyful under the feeble rays of the sun. People were rushing on the street, cars, buses, the entire city was awakened to life.

It's autumn, it's school time! Don't be afraid: no homework, no grades, just knowledge sharing! Iasi Testing Community followed the workshop tradition and organized the second event on the 9th November at Ramada Hotel.This event was organized with the help of four companies: OSF Global Services, RomSoft, Levi9 and Centric IT Solutions Romania. We also invited some special guests from different companies.

So many people gathered in one place, so many people willing to work together and help each other. The atmosphere was great, we are all happy to meet other „industry" people. 

We made sure that the prerequisites were installed and functional, our speakers were kind enough to help and explain the tools configurations. At first we learned a few theoretical things about JMeter from Stefan Iricinschi & Cosmin Tucaliuc, OSF Global Services. Their presentation, „Take your first bite of JMeter” was followed by a practical demo. The participants were able to configure JMeter and record a simple test. We learned that this tool can be used for load testing and also for web services testing, it seemed to had a lot of features. We just needed to discover them!

After the lunch break we had a chance to attend the second presentation: „First automated tests using Visual Studio CodedUI”. Silviu Luca from Centric IT Solutions Romania showed us how to use CodedUI for automated testing. We don't know if everyone had an imdb account, but after the demo everyone did . We all registered on imdb website and searched for a movie. The entire scenario was recorded by CodedUI. Then what? We only had to run our test and watch the output. We didn't touch the mouse, the account was created automatically. What a great tool!

We were all very glad to have had the opportunity to meet new people who share the same passion for technology and testing. We loved the tools presented and the practical approach and we shouldn't forget about the coffee breaks in which we had enjoyed some great cookies.

At the end we were all enthusiastic about the next ISTC events and the following presentations were proposed:

  • Embedded testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Manual Testing (Best practices)
  • Automation Testing (Best practices)
  • Advantages/drawbacks of automated testing
  • Automated mobile testing
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Test management
  • Test management tools
  • Test reporting
  • Challenges from complex projects regarding testing
  • Project management
  • Databases
  • Auto IT
  • SoapUI

ISTC First Edition Feedback

Here's a bit of the first ISTC edition's aftermath:

Here are some discussion themes proposed for future ISTC events: 

  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security
  • Automation Testing for Mobile Devices

Of course, we welcome everyone to contribute to these themes or propose new ones. For details, see the Iasi Testing Community Forum. As of today, you can also find us on FaceBook

ISTC First Edition - How It Was

Saturday June 8, 2013. It started out as a rainy day, but nothing could stop the team of Iasi Testing Community (ISTC) to kick-start the event's very first edition, in a friendly and rain-free environment. 

The event brought together a handful of passionated software testers, representing three leading regional software development companies: OSF Global ServicesPremium Software and RomSoft, at Grand Hotel Traian in Iasi.

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