ISTC Second Edition Feedback

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Thank you for participating and for sharing you opinion!

ISTC Second Edition Follow Up

Date: November 9th, 2013

Place: Ramada Hotel, Iasi

Participant companies: OSF Global Services, RomSoft, Levi9 and Centric IT Solutions Romania.

Event format: Workshop; each presentation had a 30 minutes theoretical introduction and an 80 minutes practical session.

The one-day event format allowed us time for only two presentations, and for this edition we chose the following subjects:

  • Take Your First Bite of JMeter - Stefan Iricinschi & Cosmin Tucaliuc, OSF Global Services (see PDF file)
  • First Automated Tests Using Visual Studio CodedUI - Silviu Luca, Centric IT Solutions Romania (see PDF file)

In the practical sessions, the participants were assisted by the speakers whenever they needed. The event was moderated by Alexandru Cristian Stan in the first half (Intro, Company Presentations and "Take your First Bite of JMeter" presentation) and by Sorin Damian in the second half ("First automated tests using Visual Studio CodedUI" presentation).

Oficial photographer of ISTC 2nd Edition: Cosmin Cucu. Other photo credits : Sorin Damian (photos 1 to 14) and Alexandru Cristian Stan (photos 15 to 37). Please see the Photos section for details :)

Ideas for future ISTC editions were brainstormed at the end of the event and we've managed to draw some final conclusions:

a) New subjects:

  • Embedded testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Manual Testing (Best practices)
  • Automation Testing (Best practices)
  • Advantages/drawbacks of automated testing
  • Automated mobile testing
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Test management
  • Test management tools
  • Test reporting
  • Challenges from complex projects regarding testing
  • Project management
  • Databases
  • Auto IT

b) Subjects to consolidate:

  • JMeter
  • CodedUI
  • Automation Testing
  • Soap UI
  • Test Complete
  • Security Testing

Both categories will be in a workshop format. Consolidation subjects will be held with groups of maximum 15 people, in 4 hours sessions and participation will be registration based. This will allow us to prioritize participation based on level of interest, get into more detailed exercises and keep things more informal.  

For a more personal take on this edition, we invite you to read our coleague Brandusa Gamaniata's article here. Thank you all for your participation and great input. Stay close for future editions!

ISTC Second Edition is coming soon

ISTC Second Edition is coming on 9th  of November 2013 at Ramada Hotel.

As the first edition was a real success we are now preparing for the second run of the Iasi Testing Community workshop.

This time, we want to focus more on the practical stuff and less on a theoretical approach. As a result we decided that each presentation should last two hours (approximately) of which half an hour will be dedicated to a short theoretical overview and the remaining hour and a half will be just testing magic put to work.

RomSoft and OSF Global Services, now at their second experience with this workshop, come with their lessons learned from the first edition. They will be joined by other enthusiastic testers from Centric IT Solutions Romania and Levi9. Tag along and test with us, share from your experiences and maybe learn some cool stuff about JMeter and CodeUI from our experienced testers.      

Also new in this second edition: our very special guests from other companies with positions of test managers, test leads, and project managers.

Stay tuned for more details.