Pre-requisites: SoapUI Integration with multiple tools


1.    1.  Install JDK : Installation instructions can be found here:


2.     2.   Install Maven (binary zip archive for Windows): Installation instructions can be found here :


3.       3Install Eclipse :


After installing Java and Maven, you should have the following system variables: JAVA_HOME / M2 / M2_HOME and optionally, if some errors appear during installation, you can also create MAVEN_OPTS.


!!! Note: Please also configure the Path system variable in order to contain the path to Maven bin folder, otherwise it won’t work.

!!! Open cmd and try: java –version and mvn –version. If they are correctly installed, you should see the following:


1.     4.  Install Junit :


2.     5. Install TestNG : From Eclipse – go to Help – Install New Software 


1.      6Add the Selenium libraries to your project :


Eclipse – Create a new Java project – Right click on the project – Build Path – Configure Build Path – Add Selenium libraries




1.       7Install SoapUI :



!!! We will be using SoapUI Pro during the workshop, although it won’t affect the practical exercises. However, if you want the Pro version as well, navigate to : - Add your details then change the existing key with the new soapui.key sent via e-mail in the following location:




1.    8.   Optional – install Jenkins :