JMeter Prerequisites Update

1. A fully compliant Java 1.6 (or later) Runtime Environment is required for Apache JMeter to execute. 

- Recommended Version 7 Update 51 can be downloaded : 


JRE 32 bit - 

JRE 64 bit -  

- JAVA_HOME environment variable set. 

Set the JAVA_HOME Variable 

Once you have the JDK installation path: 

a. Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop 

b. Select Properties

c. Click the Advanced tab

d. Click the Environment Variables button. Under System Variables, click New

e. Enter the variable name as JAVA_HOME. e.g. (C:\Program files\Java\Jre7)

f. Enter the variable value as the installation path for the Java Development Kit

g. Click OK

h. Click Apply Changes 

You might need to restart Windows. 

Mac Os version 10.7.3 or above 

2. Download Jmeter go to Jmeter download page and take binaries for version 2.11 


3.  BadBoy 2.1.3 

Prerequisites for Virtual Machine Configured with Windows 7 and JMeter 2.11

Installation on Win 7

a. Download Virtual PC 2007

- Download Microsoft Virtual Machine from us/download/details.aspx?id=4580

- Install  the application Microsoft Virtual Machine  

b. Download virtual machine files and unpack them

- Go to

- From “Windows7” folder, download archive

- Unpack the created archive  

c. Create new virtual machine using existent  virtual machine file

- Start Microsoft Virtual machine application  

- Click on “Create  virtual machine” button

- Set a name and a location for the virtual machine and continue

- Increase memory to 1024MB   

- Set network connection and continue - For hard disk, select “Use an existing virtual hard disk” and select the “.vhd” file from the unpacked archive - Finish the flow   

d. Change VM settings

- Change Network Settings to Shared Network (NAT) 

e. Start Microsoft Virtual PC  

- Note: Shortcut for switching between machines: CTRL+ALT (right button)   

Some useful link to convert the virtual machine to others formats (I didn’t try them):

- Microsoft Virtual Machine Convertor:

- VmWare convertor: images-to.html   

ISTC In Depth Second Edition (part II) - March 29, 2014: Again About JMeter

As of today (March 10), we invite you to subscribe to a new ISTC in-depth seminar (to follow-up the notions discussed in the ISTC Second Edition) .


Due to the limited number of seats available, if you wish to participate, please access this form and fill in the required data.

Following your online subscription, you will receive a confirmation message and in the shortest time more details about the selection process and other event details.

The registration period is March 10 through March 23.
The selection of participants will take place on March 24, 2014
On 25-26 March 2014 we will contact all selected participants for a firm attendance confirmation. Please note that if you do not confirm participation, we will forward the available opening to the next qualifying candidate.

Edition Theme

In this edition we'll dive more into the “Take Your First Bite of JMeter” presentation with the help of Stefan Iricinschi and Cosmin Tucaliuc - OSF Global Services. As a reminder you can revisit the JMeter Prerequisites from the Second ISTC Edition.

The event will take place on March 29th, at Centric Headquarters - Palat Street no. 3C, E3 Building, United Business Center 4, 5th floor. The activities will begin at 09:00 so make sure to be there in time :)

Thank you for your interest in the “Iasi Testing Community Events” and stay tuned for further updates!

About ISTC

The Iasi Testing Community (ISTC) was born from the enthusiasm of some passionate software testing specialists from Iasi, Romania, representing some leading regional software development enterprises such as OSF Global Services,Premium SoftwareRomSoftCentric IT Solutions Romania and Levi9.